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We love social media, but we don’t love a lot about current social media platforms. So we thought we’d build our own.

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3 feeds in 1 app

We give you 3 types of feed all within 1 app.

Your Joyn feed is for family and friends, groups, and events.

Jumble is your photo-first grid feed.

And Jot is for expressing yourself in 280 characters or less.


Follow different people on each feed. Use one for keeping up with the news and another for keeping your family up to date with you. Post across all 3 or just 1 - it’s up to you.

We put you in control of your feed

Want to only scroll news during the week and memes at weekends? Go for it.

Want to scroll in reverse chronological order? Go for it.

Want to increase the % of cats and foodie posts in your feed? Go for it.

We think you should decide what content you consume, and we’re giving you the feed controls to do it.

Here's what makes Joyn different

We respect your privacy

Big social media platforms make money by selling your data to anyone who will pay. We think that's wrong.

We give you control over who can advertise to you, and every time you see a targeted ad, we’ll reward you with Joyn Tokens (our cryptocurrency). You can use your Joyn Tokens to unlock premium content from your favourite accounts.

We stand against disinformation

Disinformation costs lives. And we're taking it seriously.


We're partnering with fact-checking organisations to remove and flag disinformation and fake news shared on Joyn.

Freedom of speech is not the same as freedom of reach. We don't allow hate and dangerous disinformation to spread on our platform.

We share your values

We  stand against hate of any kind, and we are committed to providing a safe and supportive space for authentic self-expression  🌈

There’s no bots

If you use social media you know what we’re talking about 🤖


Social is no place for bots, so we’re getting rid of them. All accounts on Joyn are verified - only real people allowed.


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