JT - Founder & CEO

JT loves data privacy, cyber security and Aston Villa Football Club. JT is a cat person, a tea drinker, a bar stool philosopher and believes that the democratisation of data might just solve the root of all evils 👻


JT's university professors are his greatest idols and mentors; one day JT would like to go back and teach economic history and international relations 👨🏻‍🏫

Sophie - Chief Product Officer

Sophie is a Dr of cognitive neuroscience, a data scientist, and also a cat person 😸 Sophie is developing Joyn Kids - Joyn's social media platform specifically designed for under 18s.


When Sophie's not working on developing the Joyn platform  you can find her at the beach or taking photos of food or cats 📸


Sophie is very competitive and loves to play board games, bar games and video games. She'll take anyone on at Mario Kart 🏆 

Adonis - Content Marketing Guru

I'm Adonis Sarmas and I love freedom of expression. Whether that's music, video or photography 📸 I was born in Germany in 1996. I grew to love arts and creative thinking therefore I studied Interior Design for four years, and music for ten years. And I have more than 100,000 photo clicks. I'm an active guitar teacher 🎸, photographer, and a videographer for Joyn Social Media and Epic Athens.


My favourite bands: Metallica & Volbeat. My favorite books: ”Emotional Intelligence" by Daniel Goleman and "Norse Mythology" by Neil Gaiman... I'm Good Behind The Camera..!📹