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JT Shreds Facebook Security After 50 MILLION Users' Data Breached


‘There is no forensic capability, real or hypothetical that can put that personal information back in its box...  the damage is permanent, the information that's been leaked is permanent, and the ability to maliciously leverage that information is permanent so long as Facebook exists.'
"Facebook = Digital Gangsters" - JT Issues Call to Action Following UK Parliament Report into Fake News


‘What we’ve learnt is that UK citizens have little to no say in creating the rules of our information network, and thus our digital democracy. The people that do have a say are unaccountable American tech companies and enemy authoritarian regimes who are able to exploit vulnerabilities in the Facebook platform to deliver micro targeted disinformation to influence elections globally. That is a national security crisis.’
JT Responds to Kremlin Twitter Bots after Salisbury Spy Poisoning
‘The scale of the exposure to weaponised propaganda on social media sites is an order of magnitude greater than anything we could have thought… in June 2016 there were 150,000 Russian linked accounts that retweeted over 45,000 times in the hours leading up to Brexit.’
JT Responds to Investigation into MISUSE of Political Data


'What you should be concerned about is: why are they using this data, and what campaigns are they running.'