What makes Joyn different?

Take control of your algorithm

Feel like you’re stuck in a filter bubble? Like you don’t get shown posts from some of your favourite accounts and you don’t know why? Want a way to easily discover new and exciting content? We’ve got you covered. Our custom algorithms feature gives you full control of what you see in your feed - and lets you completely switch up who you see posts from in just two taps.

We think it’s a super exciting new way to consume social media content, and we can’t wait for you to try it.

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fighting fake news

We’re committed to fighting the spread of disinformation on Joyn. You might be wondering: “how could they possibly fight fake news when the big social media platforms can’t seem to do anything about it?”.


Here’s how:

Content Warnings

We show you when a link shared in your feed is likely to contain disinformation. We are partnering with independent fact-checking organisations to show you when a link comes from a website that generally fails to meet basic standards of credibility and transparency.

Account verification

Did you know bots are used to spread disinformation on social media? Bots not only post dodgy links and media to their accounts, but they also amplify the posts of real people sharing disinformation by liking, commenting and sharing. Bot engagement can create the illusion of credibility by making it seem like more people agree with fake news than in reality.

On Joyn we use human verification for all accounts - so there are no bots. This has the added benefit of getting rid of those annoying comments that always appear at the top of posts you like from popular pages.


We care about our users

Easy monetisation

We want to make it easy for you to keep creating the content you love. So we let you monetise your content flexibly within Joyn - from micro-paywalls on individual pieces of content, to subscription options. Plus, we redistribute 25% of our ad profits back to our users, so your followers have more to spend on your content.

It’s your data

Unlike other social media apps, we don’t sell your personal data to advertisers. And any targeted adverts you see on your feed, require your approval first. Plus, we redistribute 25% of our ad profits back to you - because we think that’s fair.


Gamified social media

We’re bringing gamification to social. Complete challenges, earn rewards and badges, and compete against other Joyn users in weekly leaderboards.