What makes Joyn different?

Built on better-than-Blockchain Technology


Hedera is a decentralized public network, the only public ledger that uses hashgraph consensus, a faster, more secure alternative to blockchain consensus mechanisms.


Hedera is 120x faster, 2000x cheaper, and achieves 3500x more transactions a second than Bitcoin.


The Hedera proof-of-stake public network, powered by hashgraph consensus, achieves the highest-grade of security possible (ABFT).


Read more about Hedera Hashgraph on the Hedera website.


Fact Checked News


Some social media networks think it’s okay to let fake news spread across their platforms. We don’t agree with that. Joyn cares about the truth. We’re partnering with external fact checking organisations to fact check news shared on Joyn.


This isn’t about censoring everyday users - this is about holding news organisations, politicians and research institutions to the highest standards of truth - which most do (and should) aspire to anyway!


Joyn presents the fact check score front and center alongside the link, meaning you can easily see whether a story is credible or not. If you see something that looks weird, use our ‘not sure about that’ reaction to queue it for review.


Our algorithms are based on credibility, not engagement. Real news is amplified, and fake news is downranked. We're also ringfencing part of our profits to support credible journalism!


Pays you in Crypto


Big Social’s business model relies on selling your data - without your explicit permission - to the highest bidding advertiser. They make money from your data and you get nothing. We think that's wrong.


Joyn makes you the broker of your own data. We show you a list of advertisers who want to connect with people like you - based on de-identified data insights. Swipe right if you like them, left if you don’t (you get it).


If you choose to receive targeted adverts from a specific advertiser, we’ll create a smart contract for you - all behind the scenes. This allows the advertiser to show you adverts based on the data you consented to release - for a specified amount of time. 


Whenever you view a targeted advert on your feed, we’ll reward you with Joyn Tokens - Joyn’s cryptocurrency. You’ll be able to spend your Joyn Tokens to access premium content within the Joyn app, and pay for digital subscriptions from our partners.


All Verified Accounts

Joyn is partnering with Digital ID Verification providers to ensure all Joyn users are real people. Digital ID Verification is already being used across the world to allow people to access many different online services.


You’ll create your Joyn account by verifying your identify with your chosen Digital ID Verification provider. Joyn won’t collect any of the information used to verify you - we just want to know that you’re a real person.


Digital ID Verification means 1 person = 1 voice. Because only real people can create Joyn accounts, there will be no bots on Joyn. This means no armies of bots being used to manufacture false engagement.

Joyn loves love and hates hate. Any user of Joyn who spreads hate of any kind will be banned from the platform. And Digital ID Verification means online bullies can’t just create another account - once you’re out: you’re out.


Monetise your Content


Hey Content Creators! We’re here to revolutionise the way you can monetise your content online.


Build up a following, and offer exclusive content behind a micro-pay wall on the Joyn platform.


You can set the price of any piece of content you create; are your cat memes & parkour videos worth 1 cent or $1000? You decide!


You are your own price setter, you are your own price taker. No more monopolies, just really weird social democracy, the way social media should be!


Safe for Kids


Joyn Kids is an age-gated social media site for children under 13, requiring parental verification and consent. Approve friends and monitor usage through the parents' dashboard.


We use AI and language filtering to identify and remove inappropriate and offensive content.


We encourage kind, positive social interaction from our users and will recognise those who model good behaviour as an example for others.


Joyn Kids uses kid-safe advertising and age verification.

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