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​We want to support you to be your awesome, authentic, creative self. So we're redistributing 25% of our ad profits to creators on our platform


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How can you monetise your content on Joyn?

On Joyn you can put any piece of your content behind a micro-crypto paywall. Your fans and followers can pay you to unlock it, and then you can cash out.


This means that even if your following is small, you can still monetise your content. It's more about having an engaged community than just having a lot of followers.


Monetise your organic content without the need for sponsored posts and ads. Think of it like a mash-up between Insta and Patreon.


The best bit is that we give our users crypto for using Joyn - so they can support you with no cost to them

Some other things you should know about us


We've got rid of the bots


You know the ones - always spamming up your comments, DMs and story responses.


Well we've dealt with them. Everyone on Joyn is verified as a real person.




We stand against hate


We are proud to stand against hate and bigotry, and we are committed to removing hate speech of any kind on our platform.


We want to provide a supportive and safe space especially for those who have been traditionally marginalised on (and by) social media.


A place for authentic self-expression

Guidelines and algorithms on traditional social media sites disproportionally negatively affect the reach and success of female, LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC creators. We say: no more.


Joyn is committed to being sex-positive, female and LGBTQ+ friendly, and actively anti-racist in our policies and tech.