joyn is a social media platform with a mission


Founded by two millennials who couldn’t stand by any longer waiting for the adults to do something, Joyn was conceived with the explicit purpose of saving our democracy.

Current social media platforms have been weaponised against us. Used to spread hate, division and undermine democracy. Facebook is complicit in:


We believe the only solution is a new social platform, built with the core mission of fighting against disinformation and hate online. (That's us btw - if you hadn't figured it out already).

why you'll love us


We’re here to save democracy, but we’re also here to make social fun again.

At Joyn, we’re building a social app with:

  • fully customisable profile pages (helloo MySpace)

  • unlimited custom algorithms to control your own feed

  • the ability to easily monetise any piece of your content

  • cutting edge technology to remove bots and fake accounts

  • no shady micro-targeting (you control who can advertise to you)